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A Learning Organization is an Agile Organization




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What is a Learning Organization

The learning organization reflects an organizational culture - a way of being and working together - where people collaborate and reflect together so that the organization can constantly improve  to become a healthy and agile organization . It favors synergy through team dialogue on experience and knowledge, an open mind, self-awareness, collaboration with all parts of the organization and a shared vision.  People feel valued, the teams and the organization are more effective and adapt better to new challenges. This is also what can be called a healthy and agile organization.  


(Based on The Fifth Discipline-The Art & Practice of The Learning Organization, Peter Senge.)



Practices of a Learning Organization


1.   Fostering team learning 

Thinking together to reach synergy

 2.  Being aware of our mental models

Having an open mind, questioning our assumptions and patterns

 3.  Applying systems thinking

Seeing the whole and our interconnectedness 

 4.  Developing a shared vision

  Developing together our vision to build commitment

 5.  Working towards personal mastery

 Gaining self-awareness, having personal goals. 



Distinctions: The Learning Organization & Learning

The distinction between a learning organization and learning or continuous learning can be summarized this way:


The results of people thinking and learning together are greater than the results of people learning individually.


What we know, think and learn needs to be shared so that the organization learns too and reaches synergy.


Continuous learning is focused on the individual. Individual learning is one element of one of the learning organization practices, “Personal Mastery”.


Learning is any activities that change the way we view the world and act.


Continuous learning is a concept where individuals pursue their learning all their life.


Training is a sporadic activity that often takes place in a classroom.  It can contribute to organizational learning if it is incorporated in action and the team’s work experience. Training is often seen as being central to continuous learning although continuous learning can occur in many ways.   


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